Thursday, August 5, 2010

pink, my ferret

Divorce sucks. I never felt so alone. I got a theripist and a little furnished studio apartment in town, which I hated since the first day I woke up there alone. I drank. I went to the bar and drank. I came home and drank and popped xanax and got stoned.

My therapist suggested a pet....a little something to love and be 'responsible and sober' for: to feed and play with and snuggle and love. I watched the revenge divorce movie 'Along Came Polly' alot. I liked the part where they kill the bed pillows. Anyway, Jennifer Aniston had a ferret. I thought I read that ferrets sleep 23 hours a day, eat once a day, and poop in a litter box.

Owning a ferret did nothing to get or keep me sober. I couldn't stop. But my ferret and I survived active addiction. She still suffers from OCD. Every Sunday Morning, we trot to our Living Sober meeting. She sits on my lap and listens to the shares. Her name is Pink. Now does that surprise you?

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