Monday, September 19, 2011

Taos: I heart the Love Apple

I love a good meal. I love to travel. I fell in love with the Love Apple in Taos.

Scent is the first seductress...a wood fire in the courtyard waiting room warms the stomach. Inside the old church building, home cooking and real candles fill the fresh air.

The Table Setting: unmatched silverware, unmatched tables and chairs, and of course the fabulous food is served on unmatched vintage china and melamine, but all the perfect shade of blue that matches the outdoor trim.

My Meal:

blue cornbread muffins and chokecherry butter

farm greens with pecans, fried goat cheese, warm peaches, local honey dressing

ruby rainbow trout in a cornhusk with lime compote and chipolte creme

and they so graciously substituted: french lentil salad

I can't even talk about the lavendar honey panacotta for dessert

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