Monday, September 26, 2011

SF: Boulevard

"Let's cancel the reservation and just eat some place around here" sounds to me like: 'How about some more blisters on your feet and letting your stomach growl until you just can't take it any more, then we can settle at whatever joint is closest!' This particular night, the lucky stars were right, and I was wrong.

While testing this anti-reservation strategy an earlier night, we walked by this beauty of an art deco building with an inviting dining scene shinning from the interior. Boulevard happened to be the best restaurant in San Francisco according to the hotel concierge, not accepting reservations this late. Two blocks later, we were sitting at the chef's counter, sampling the most amazing abalone, crab, and filets ever. The medium rare was medium rare! How rare! The fingerling potatoes tasted as if they had been boiled in butter, and the sarsaparilla ice cream made with sarsaparilla!

Page 2 of the Beverage menu was titled 'SANS', it hosted an amazing selection of non-alcoholic bevs: Ederflower must be a SanFrancisco favorite. It was so refreshing to have a selection of anything besides water and soda.

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Location:San Francisco

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