Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trader Joe's

The first time I visited Trader Joe's was about ten years ago. I had just moved to Aspen (from a city with lots and lots of grocery stores) and started working for a skiwear (not snowboard) company. Things were different at the industry's annual trade show in Las Vegas. Straight off the plane, we all piled in rental cars and drove to Trader Joe's. Everyone bought boxes and boxes of cheap pantry food and alcohol, and cheap salads for lunch. It was amazing...this company had a truck that took these boxes home to Aspen!

I still stock my pantry whenever I travel near a Traders, packing everything into my suitcase and paying the extra $20 to check it. The industry's trade show is now in Denver, so often my co-workers have a TJ list for me to bring back. I bet the office goes through two dozen of Olive Tapenade Spread in a month! Stay tuned for some of my favorite uses for this little jar.

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